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מטבע בינ"ל, שליח רובוטי וסיור מוטס בגרנד קניון, בלי לזוז מהכיסא

Amitai Ziv in Haaretz הארץ [Hebrew] with a collection of “moonshots” – Israeli startups that have the potential to make a significant dent in our world. Congratulations to the two Lool ventures portfolio companies that made it to the list – XTEND and Saga!

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To all our friends and colleagues celebrating the Jewish New Year…

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GraphiteRx: Why We Invested

We’re excited to officially welcome GraphiteRx to the lool family. Read on to hear from Avichay Nissenbaum on why we invested and chose to back David Zilberman and team on their mission to decrease healthcare costs and improve medication accessibility.

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2019 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Report

Want to know how your SaaS startup stacks up against 500+ global SaaS companies? Check out OpenView’s 2019 SaaS Benchmarks Report. Thanks to all the Israeli SaaS founders who took part and OpenView for the opportunity to support. #expansionbenchmarks19 #saasgrowth2019 #saas

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Chapter #11 — Show Me the Money

Raising a seed round? Read the final chapter of “Raising a Seed Round – a Playbook for Israeli Entrepreneurs” by Ido Bar-On – how to go from term sheet to money in the bank and getting back to company building… #termsheet #seedround #venturecapital #raisingcapital

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Thrilled to share that portfolio companies Voca.ai and XTEND were selected as 2 of the 8 finalists of The Pitch. Looking forward to seeing them at the finals at The Journey conference in Tel Aviv on 18 September! #proudinvestor #THEPITCH_2019 #JOURNEY_2019

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Xtend — Why We Invested and the Lesson We Learned - looltalk - Medium

We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment and welcome XTEND to the Lool ventures family. Find out how we came to back Aviv Shapira, Matteo Shapira, Adir Tubi and Rubi Liani to take human machine interaction to another level – read on from Yaniv Golan. And see eXtended Reality in action… #virtualreality, #extendedreality #xr

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Chapter #10: Honey, I’ve Got a Term Sheet - looltalk - Medium

Raising a seed round? Got a term sheet and need to understand it, figure out what’s reasonable and what you should negotiate? Read Chapter 10 of Raising a Seed Round – a Playbook for Israeli Entrepreneurs by Ido Bar-On. #termsheet, #venturecapital, #seedfunding, #israel, #raisingcapital

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Commercial Property Joins Tech Revolution as Spending Soars

The Wall Street Journal on the growing demand for technology innovation from some of the largest global real estate players, including Hines who is working with portfolio company SiteAware #proptech, #constructiontech, #proudinvestor

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lool on the roof - Summertime 2019

Photos from our annual lool on the roof party

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It’s happening #loolontheroof

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Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the internet

It’s out, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019 report, brace yourselves, 333 slides, so something for everyone here… #mustread #trends2019

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Chapter #8: Completing the Due Diligence Process — Part 1 of 2

Raising a seed round? Understand how VCs approach due diligence and be prepared: read Chapter 8 of Raising your Seed Round – a Playbook for Israeli Entrepreneurs by Max Marine #venturecapital #seedfunding #raisingcapital #israel

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lool Portfolio - Summer BBQ 2019

Summer BBQ for our portfolio leadership teams

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Lool ventures's cover photo

Our beloved loolRoof

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Photos from Lool ventures's post

Summer is here, so we BBQ – thanks to our AIR (Asador-in-residence), Nicolle Pompas Shvo and our portfolio leaders who joined us from Brodmann17, DBmaestro, KIDOZ, LawGeex, Lightico, MarketMan, MyPrivacy, NoTraffic, SiteAware, Talenya, Voca.ai

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SaaS Metrics Survey - 2019 Edition

We’re partnering with our friends at OpenView on an important SaaS Benchmarking Survey we’ve found immensely valuable for the broader software community. We’d love to see as many Israeli SaaS businesses participate this year, so please follow the link below to complete the anonymous survey:

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HBO's Vice News features LawGeex in "The Future of Work" – and LawGeex beats human lawyer again

Lawgeex beat human lawyer. Tunji Williams, graduate of the Top 10 Law School at the University of Virginia, took over an hour to review two documents with 85% and 83% accuracy. LawGeex, operated by CEO Noory Bechor, spent just 18 minutes reviewing and achieved 95% accuracy on both contracts. #legaltech #boom

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NoTraffic is working with a growing number of US cities, leading the way in smart traffic management and CB Insights recognises this rockstar team amongst 40+ startups transforming the future of traffic. Watch this space… #smartcities #trafficmanagement #traffictech #onetowatch

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Avoiding the POC death trap

Want to know what Series A investors look for in enterprise software startups? Lool ventures’ VP Value Creation Tony Saigh shares 5 key proof points around customer traction and product market fit in part 2 of “Avoiding the POC death trap” #startup #enterprisesales #saas #earlystage

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