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NoTraffic: Why We Invested – looltalk – Medium

We’re thrilled to officially welcome NoTraffic to the Lool ventures family. We’re excited to be joining founders Or Sela, Uriel Katz, Tal Kreisler and their team on a mission to help cities make their roads “smart” and ready for tomorrow’s world of connected and autonomous vehicles. Read on to hear from Yaniv Golan on why we invested.

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ראיית מכונה, סייבר סקיוריטי או ניצולת אנרגיה: מה תהיה הפריצה הבאה באוטו-טק הישראלי

גלובס – Globes מסמנים את Brodmann17 בתור אחת הפריצות הגדולות הבאות בתחום האוטו-טק – ואנחנו מצטרפים להמלצה

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Zooz’ Acquisition and Why Israel’s Global Thinking is its’ Ecosystem’s Superpower

Thoughts on PayU’s acquisition of Zooz and the Israeli startup ecosystem’s superpower by Avichay Nissenbaum

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ScaleUp Series - Pricing Strategy & Hacks, July 2018

Photos from our July ScaleUp Series event on pricing.

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The Future of Communities Is Agile

How the smartest cities can embrace new technology and innovation at pace – Ash Roughani from the City of Sacramento, California and Arik Bronshtein from UrbanLeap share their thoughts on bringing agile to cities, #SmartCity, #UrbanInnovation

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Brodmann17 shares details of how its working with the Arm developer community to realise vision of bringing deep-learning vision applications to mainstream, #computervision, #facedetection, #ai

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The Transportation Transformation – looltalk – Medium

As active investors in mobility (Brodmann17, more to follow soon!) – lool ventures’ Max Marine shares some thoughts and raises interesting questions about the future of transportation

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Way to go Wibbitz! No mean feat in establishing a strong culture of diversity and an inspirational workplace whilst achieving outstanding business results. All this, in a high growth, fast paced environment. Congrats to Zohar Dayan, Yotam Cohen and the rest of the team!

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Get customers to love your pricing in 10 steps – Tony Saigh – Medium

Thinking about what you should be charging your customers? How do you go about develop an effective pricing model? Find out here: https://bit.ly/2JOzvwj

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Medisafe selected as headline app yesterday as Apple announces Health Records API. Great news for users and partners. Congrats to the team – further recognition that Medisafe is the global leader in the medical adherence space. Lool ventures is proud to be working alongside you in your mission to help patients with medication adherence worldwide.

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Kudos to Wibbitz team. #automatevideocreation, #powerofai

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UrbanLeap: Why We Invested – looltalk – Medium

Excited to welcome San Francisco based UrbanLeap to the Lool ventures portfolio. Learn about the team’s mission to accelerate urban innovation and why we invested.

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Lool ventures

Check out photos from our ScaleUp Series event in May. Stay tuned for our next one! #loolscaleup

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It’s a full house. #loolscaleup

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ScaleUp Series - Marketing Strategy & Hacks, May 2018

Photos from our May ScaleUp Series event. Thanks to Amir Mizroch, Lior Student, Omer Kaplan, Shmuli Goldberg and all those that joined!

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Saga — Why We invested – looltalk – Medium

Excited to share why we backed The Saga Foundation, alongside Mangrove Capital Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Singulariteam and other investors.

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Aleph VC

Congratulations to our friends at LawGeex – Noory, Ilan and the team – for the recent funding. Warm welcome to our friends at Aleph VC, who are joining us on this journey. LawGeex is now positioned better than ever to achieve its mission – helping companies achieve their business objectives by automating and scaling contract review using AI.

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Lool ScaleUp Series - Startup Recruitment, 6 March 2018

Watch video highlights of our startup recruitment masterclass in March. #loolscaleup

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Blueprint: Sexual Harassment Prevention best practice for the Israeli VC industry

Calling our friends in the Israeli VC industry. Let’s make sure entrepreneurs feel safe when engaging with us, regardless of their gender.

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Lightico: Why We Invested – Avichay Nissenbaum – Medium

Lightico joins the lool ventures family, with the mission of Improving customer experience by enabling call center reps to complete sales during a single phone call. Read on for more and why we invested.

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