Avichay Nissenbaum

General Partner

Mentor, Advisor, Investor, and Entrepreneur with passion to cool and scalable consumer facing web and mobile products.

I’m very passionate about education and its intersection with technology.

Yaniv Golan

General Partner

I’ve been building software products that people use since 1989.

That’s long enough to make a lot of mistakes in many diverse fields – technological, managerial, organizational, inter-personal.

Hopefully I’ve also learned a lesson or two along the way.

Maya Azoulay

Investment Associate

Entrepreneur and Investment Professional.

At lool I lead the investment and portfolio management processes.

I’m passionate about making the impossible come to life, step by step, while having a significant positive impact on the world we live in.

Wei Cheng

Investment Associate

It is my habit to always choose the path less traveled by, which is where I find the most inspiring and awesome people.

I grew up immersed in Sci-Fi movies, and I love meeting people who can actually carry these visions out with clear goals and true grit, people who intent on creating something magnificent!

Ido Bar-on

Investment Associate
Intelligence Officer, Bar Manager, Product Owner.
I value creative solutions to real problems. I love seeing technology being harnessed to solve real business problems and love working with entrepreneurs to help them drive value.

Max Marine

Investment Analyst
I am passionate about learning, reading, writing, becoming a better communicator, thinking critically about ideas, applying my knowledge, and serving others.
I am grateful for loving parents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances, whose support and constructive criticism have shaped my ideals, values, desires, beliefs, and goals.
I love learning about markets, business models, competitive dynamics, and new technologies.

Eli Gold

Value Creation

I’m a product, experiences, and people person.
Designing services and holistic experiences is my passion.
I enjoy researching and understanding various aspects of people and products, and I am keen about creating value through innovation and deep understanding of needs.


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