Safe Environment for Everyone

We believe that it is our duty to provide a business environment that is safe, pleasant and respectful to everyone we meet and interact with.

Toward this end, we’ve adopted the  Voluntary Code for Preventing Sexual Harassment [Hebrew].

However, we understand that if you’re not an employee, reporting an incident may be challenging. That is why we’re providing the following email address that you can use to report incidents even if you’re not a lool ventures employee:

Please use this with care. (e.g. if you’re pissed because our coffee sucks or because we were being annoyingly VCs please email instead)

We also understand that you may not want to disclose your identity when reporting an incident. To avoid exposing your identity, you may choose to open a new temporary email account (Gmail etc). Or, you could use one of the many 3rd party anonymous mail services, like

We commit to the following:

  • Your message will be seen only by the person in charge of the subject as defined in the code
  • If you include some kind of contact information:
    • You will receive an acknowledgement within 2 business days
    • You will receive the findings reported by the person in charge of the subject within 7 business days

Note that you can include contact information while keeping your anonymity.

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