Zooz is an Omni-channel payment optimization solution that lets merchants manage and optimize all their retail channels, acquirers, and payment methods on a single platform.


Wibbitz is a text-to-video creation platform built for publishers that can automatically produce premium branded videos using text content in seconds.


Kidoz is a content discovery for kids and publishing platform for kids’ content developers. The Kidoz OS platform turns Phones & Tablets into kids’ friendly devices for playing and learning with the latest and greatest kids’ Apps, Videos and online content delivered directly to your child. The Kidoz Network allows content publisher to promote, distribute and monetise their kids friendly content.


Medisafe is the leading medication manager and pill reminder that helps patients and families get healthier and help major healthcare stakeholders solve the costly issue of medication non adherence.


Dronomy uses unique military-grade expertise in electro-optical systems and machine vision to facilitate truly autonomous drones.


Cinch (previously CreditHood) is an online fintech platform that allows SMBs to generate cash when they need it by selling future services to their repeat customers.


Marketman is a collaboration software between foodservice operators and their suppliers.


DBmaestro is a leading DevOps (development Operations management Software) tool provider for the Database segment, offering a unique solution for controlling the database continuous delivery processes.

Farm Dog

Farm Dog is a cloud platform for more effective pest and disease control management with algorithms such as outbreak prediction and in-field pesticide efficacy testing which are transforming the industry's ability to predict, react to, and manage pest and disease.


LawGeex is disrupting the legal industry by offering an innovative online alternative for people and businesses who need to sign contracts which automatically reviews contracts and provides users with simple English explanations on potential issues.


ClipCall is a mobile video market-network that helps people hire service professionals on-demand and manage their projects end to end within the app.


Mabaya offers a unique SaaS platform that help Online Retailers and Marketplaces generate new revenue through promoting Sponsored Products in their virtual store.


Sensibo brings magic to everyday life by turning physical objects to personalized experiences. Their first product makes any air conditioner instantly smart, provides comfort and saves energy.


MyPermissions help users protect their personal online information and help developers be more transparent and build trust through certification.


Shopial allows online businesses to reach new customers in 1-click at scale from social networks.

Start A FIRE

Enabling individuals and brands that are sharing content on social media gaining acknowledgment as well as helping promotion over any link they share.


Tonara is revolutionizing digital sheet music with an iPad app that listens to you as you play live music, show you where you are on the screen, and even turn the pages for you automatically using a clever algorithm.

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