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The lool’s team is wishing you and your family a year full of love, health, happiness, and innovation! #shanatova #תשעח

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We were thrilled to host the amazing Unistream – Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship’s alumni association here at Lool ventures.

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AI is Changing These Newsrooms: What It Means for Digital Publishing - MediaShift

“Is the growing adoption of AI products by digital publishers a much-needed lifeline for a struggling industry, or the next deadly threat to its survival?” Read more about Wibbitz contribution in changing the newsroom, and what it means for digital publishing at MediaShift’s latest article.

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הקוד הוולונטרי למניעת הטרדה מינית במקומות עבודה

Sexual harassment. We read the stories and feel the pain. We decided it’s time for us at Lool ventures to make a clear statement and to take action that demonstrates what we believe is the right thing to do. Here is the email we sent earlier today to our team. A similar message was sent to the CEOs of our portfolio companies. We invite all of you to take action as well and to adopt the Voluntary Code for Preventing Sexual Harassment in your organization. You can learn everything you need to know about the code at http://www.1202.org.il/centers-union/activity/voluntary-code. —————— Team, Following the recent discussion in our industry regarding sexual harassment, and our own commitment to providing you, our colleagues, and the entrepreneurs we interact with, with an environment that is safe, pleasant and respectful to each other, Avichay and myself decided to adopt and implement immediately the Voluntary Code for Preventing Sexual Harassment at lool ventures. Real change takes..

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What would it take for VR to be adopted by larger market segment? Where do you see entrepreneur’s attention going in MR start-ups? and What is Israel’s competitive advantage if any, when it comes to MR? These questions and more were all part of the fascinating discussion focused on Mixed Reality Investments, moderated by Guy Bendov and these fascinating panelists- Yaniv Golan, Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra, Istavan Jonyer and Kyle Lui. Thank you all for joining us, looking forward to seeing you at our next event

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Medication Management System That Uses AI To Help Doctors Treat At-Risk Patients Better

Medisafe is saving lives. Read this latest article on International Business Times about the Medication Managment system that uses AI to help Doctors treat at-risk Patient better

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DBmaestro Raises $4.5 Million Led by Vertex Ventures to Drive Market Adoption of DevSecOps for Databases

Congrats to our portfolio company DBmaestro – Database DevOps for successfully raising 4.5M$ to drive their market adoption and growth. #GODBMaestro

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Lady Globes new issue is on with The New Women Investors project on its cover. Don’t miss our amazing Maya Azoulay! We couldn’t be more proud, and trust us, she’s just getting started! 🙂

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The Fintech 250

CB Insights just published the 250 most promising, private fintech companies list- and named Zooz as one of those emerging companies that will change the face of financial services!

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Wibbitz Partners with Pond5 to Enrich its Automated Video Creation Platform with Leading Royalty-Free Video Collection

Wibbitz announced that it has partnered with Pond5, the world’s largest online marketplace for royalty-free stock footage and media assets. The partnership will supplement Wibbitz’s comprehensive media library with an extensive collection of unique and compelling creative assets including videos and images – making wibbitz’ videos even more awesome than they already are…

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We had wonderful time hosting TAMID Group panel and dinner at our lool space. TAMID Group is where business-minded students become the next generation of Israel-engaged leaders. Having two awesome(!) TAMID students with us, Sam Liebman and Pranaya Anshu, for two consecutive years has been a fruitful and value-adding experience for the @lool team. The fascinating panel event was featuring Elan Frantz of Airobotics, Dani Zakon of Marrakesh and our own Maximilian Marine. All the panelists have made the move from the United States to Israel and are successfully pursuing careers in the Israel startup ecosystem. PC: David Micley

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It was a pleasure hosting Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal and Altshuler Shaham Benefits​ discussing best practices of working together on the journey to build a big company. Thank you everyone for this super important discussion.

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Startups, you should check out this.

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Wibbitz & TheStreet now ‍❤️‍!

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Zooz חתמה על הסכם עם ענקית התשלומים PayU

Zooz you did it again 🙂

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PayU Forges Global Partnership with Zooz to Facilitate Merchant Access to High Growth Markets

Congratulations to our friends at Zooz, a Lool ventures portfolio company. We hope you folks still get some sleep once in a while, now that you are processing a substantial part of the ‘net transactions. PayU CCO Matthias Setzer: “PayU will extend the reach of its financial services in growth markets by capitalising on Zooz’s state-of-the-art technology to help merchants adapt to local payment preferences and processes”

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Brodmann17 wants to power IoT sight without pricey silicon

Meet Brodmann17. Adi, Rubi, Asaf, Amir and Lior created a technology that can deliver the most advanced computer vision using deep learning, on par (and often outperforming) the state of the art, at a fraction of the computing resources. What used to require the latest GPU with a small nuclear power plant powering it can now run on a low-cost mobile CPU with a coin-sized battery, with a lot less memory, and at a fraction of the model size. What used to require server side processing on expensive hardware, can now be done in real time on the edge device. Or, in numbers – Brodmann17, in its first version, already delivers comparable or better results than state of the art on modern benchmarks – at 5% of the computing power, 1% of the model size, and 8% of the training data. This redefinition of what’s possible is already being integrated into several commercial products by some of the major companies out there so Brodmann17 will have a real, significant impact on our lives pretty soon. We’re..

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Our roof was full of fascinating folks once again yesterday – a group of Israeli entreprenaurs and investors got a chance to meet and exchange with 30+ executives from WPP, MediaCom, Semaphore, Mars, Ogilvydo, Google, Intel, Springwise and others. Thanks to the amazing folks from the The Israeli Export Institute and the Israel Economic Mission to UK for creating this unique oppertunity!

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Startup Graveyard – History Shouldn't Have to Repeat Itself

But then again, remember what Dr. Seuss said: “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

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Forbes Partners with Wibbitz to Supplement its Content Offering with Video Using Automation

“Creating premium video offerings is resource intensive, so the text story to video ratio for most digital publishers is far from 1:1,” says Kyle Kramer, VP Video at Forbes Media. “The Wibbitz platform provides a way for great text stories to travel further in the video format than they would in print alone.”

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