We are

Venture capitalists investing in early stage startups

We are a partnership that specializes in providing funding and support to young startups, and helping them grow into full fledged, valuable companies.

We invest iff we think we can actually add value

Startups are hard. Early stage startups are, well, harder. These are young companies,  with a very young product out there in the market (if at all), a tiny team, and very few customers (if at all). Committing to a startup is choosing challenge and risk as a way of life.

We’d like to help mitigate the risk.

Eventually, the fate of a startup is determined by many factors, most important being the team that’s behind it. Yes, that’s you, dear entrepreneurs. We’d like to do whatever we can to help you succeed. In fact, if we think there is no way for us to help a specific startup, either through our own skills, or via the skills we can tap through our network, we probably won’t invest.

We are experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. We’ve started several companies, participated directly and indirectly in mergers and acquisitions, built large and small teams, and failed quite a few times. Hopefully we’ve learned some lessons along the way, and some of them are helpful to the companies we invest in.

We’ve also met a few people along the way. Good people. Smart people. Successful people who also built a good number of successful companies. Some of them invested in lool, with others we did business, and many of them are people we like very much and appreciate doing business with. We’ll connect the companies we invest in with these people whenever we think good things can happen from such a connection.

We do follow on investments

We invest in startups in the early stages because that’s where we think we can bring most value. We like to continue to support our portfolio companies in later rounds.

We are entrepreneur friendly

No, really!

Seriously though, we think being “entrepreneur friendly” isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good business. We understand that it’s your company, and that we’re fortunate that you are considering us as partners for your journey, and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

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