lool ventures’ partners donate to Tmura

We’re very happy to announce that the managing partners of lool ventures, Avichay Nissenbaum and Yaniv Golan, will be donating from their success fee (“carried interest”) to the amazing Tmura fund.


Most of the lool portfolio companies already donated to Tmura using the standard model (and the others are in the process of doing so), in which the start-ups donate to Tmura options exercisable in the event of a sale or IPO by the company.  The carried interest model will allow Tmura to indirectly hold stakes in lool ventures portfolio companies, increasing Tmura’s chances of realizing a donation.

We’re very happy to support Tmura’s cause, to support educational initiatives and youth opportunities, among other charitable activities in Israel, by sharing in the wealth being created by the country’s technology sector, and to develop a “culture of giving” within the high-tech sector.


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