Announcing LeanUXMachine Weekend – Aug 4th-6th

So, you have that great startup idea that you have been working on. Since this is Israel, good chances are that you are an ex-intelligence guy, an engineer or a product person. But there is that *thing* missing. That magic component that you know facebook, twitter, waze and other apps have.

You aren’t alone. Israel has historically been awesome in developing the deepest technologies, the most scalable products & recently been very good at driving traffic. But… User Experience hasn’t been, well, it.

So, the bunch of guys & gals we are, we wanted to make a difference. How about your team comes in for a weekend, work with top UX mentors on a concept, idea or an early stage product and come out with a workable concept that will make your product shine?

We want startup teams who meet the following criteria:

  • Early stage
  • No commitment to customers that affect the product
  • At least 3 team functions need to attend: a founder, a product definition person, and a programmer. That’s probably 2-3 persons.
  • Open to learning about UX
  • Have a basic idea for their startup
  • The startup idea is a product for consumers

Non-requirements (things you do not need to have by the time you apply):

  • A design of your product
  • A registered company
  • Funding

We are fortunate to have a kickass team work with you. Johanna Kollmann will be flying in from London, UK & Daniel Szuc from Hong Kong, China. They will be joined by an awesome team of UX mentors from Google, mySupermarket, HP & IBM.

The amazing thing (kudos to Tomer Sharon who will both be mentoring & organizing) is that the event is fully volunteer based. We are covering the cost of flights for Johanna & Daniel and need to make sure participants are fed throughout the 3 days, but other than that, that’s it. This is why we were able to keep this at 650 NIS for something that is… well, just not available in Israel otherwise.

If you want to work on your idea with us, register now at Follow us on twitter at @leanuxmachine for updates.

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2 Responses to Announcing LeanUXMachine Weekend – Aug 4th-6th

  1. Thank you so much guys for making this happen. We had an amazing experience.

    – Team @moolta

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