LeanUXMachine – The UX Hackathon!

User Experience. It’s all about making people happy when using the product you create for them.

It’s one of the most frequent terms you hear here in lool – be it in our own internal meetings, in meetings with startups we’re looking at, or in meetings with our portfolio companies. A Good User Experience is a magical thing, a thing that emerges in the space between the creative mind of the product person, the sleek implementation of the developer, and the emotional reaction of the person using the product. A good user experience makes people happy.

Back in August we did the first LeanUXMachine weekend – an amazing weekend of UX, UX and then some more UX, with a bunch of awesome startups and awesome mentors.

We felt we needed to do more though. Getting startups and the too-few professionals and mentors together is important, but what is probably more important in the long term is increasing the available UX-aware “talent pool” in Israel – getting more potential product people to know about the challenges and oppertunities available to them.

Meet the LeanUXMachine UX Hackathon. Together with Eden Shochat from Genesis Partners (who were also kind enough to host the event at The Junction), with the kind folks at the Minshar visual communication department, and with many others who helped to make it happen (thank you all!), we got together 7 startups and a group of young and promising designers who were interested in experiencing the larger product creation process.

Together, they spent a weekend experiencing real word UX challenges. Some of them focused on solving a specific scenario within an existing product, and some of them created a complete new product from scratch. Regardless of the scope, the result was the same -they were able to experience each other’s world – philosophy, constraints and methods. They exchanged ideas, thoughts and approaches, and gained fresh new insights and solutions.

Watching it happen was an awesome experience. We’d like to thank everyone who helped and participated. Just like with the original LeanUXMachine event, the feedback was overwhelming – both groups asked for more, a lot more – more opportunities like this, for creating an exchange between curious minds who are passionate about creating the best possible user experience.

We’ll do our best to facilitate that. In the meantime, check out the event backchannel documenting some of the magic at http://leanuxmachine2011hackathon.tumblr.com/.

See you on the next LeanUXMachine event!

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