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We invest in exceptional founders. We work with them shoulder to shoulder on their journey to build companies that aspire to become global category leaders in their domain


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Zooz, the market leading payments platform designed to help merchants maximize their payments performance, has recently integrated its platform with PayU, exposing the company to a new pipeline of blue chip global customers.

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Wibbitz is a market leading provider of automated video creation technology for publishers, enabling a great content experience with seamless integration.

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LawGeex is disrupting the legal industry by offering an innovative online alternative for people and businesses who need to sign contracts by automatically reviewing contracts and providing users with simple English explanations on potential issues.


Brodmann17 is enabling a state-of-the-art artificial visual intelligence technology compatible with every edge device out there and with almost no computing power limitation.

MarketMan logo

MarketMan is a network for the $1 trillion restaurant supply market. It connects restaurants and vendors all across the US, creating new revenue opportunities for both sides.

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MediSafe is the world’s leading medication management platform, enabling patients to better manage their daily routines and physicians to better understand their patients’ status.


Talenya is the world’s first technology-first talent recruiting platform. Using AI, big data, and a unique recruitment experts model, Talenya finds top talent, faster.

DBMaestro logo

DBmaestro is a leading DevOps tool provider for the database industry, offering a unique solution for controlling the database continuous delivery processes.

Farm Dog logo
Farm Dog

Farm Dog is a breakthrough cloud based platform that enables effective pest and disease control management, transforming the industry’s ability to predict, react to, and manage pest and disease.

Kidoz logo

KIDOZ is a leading content discovery platform for kids. The KIDOZ OS platform turns phones and tablets into kid friendly devices for playing and learning, with the latest and greatest kids’ Apps, videos, and online content delivered directly to the kid. The KIDOZ Network allows content publishers to promote, distribute, and monetize their kids friendly content.


SiteAware (former Dronomy) is a provider of construction management solutions enabled by autonomous drone technology.

Sensibo logo

Sensibo brings magic to everyday life by turning physical objects into personalized experiences. Their first product, the Sensibo Sky, makes any air conditioner instantly smart, maximizes comfort, and saves energy.

Clipcall logo

ClipCall is a mobile video market network that helps people hire service professionals on-demand and manage their projects end-to-end within the app.

MyPermissions logo

MyPermissions, the world’s leader in app privacy protection, helps users protect their personal online information and helps developers be more transparent and build trust through certification.

Mabaya logo

Mabaya offers a unique SaaS platform that helps online retailers and marketplaces generate new revenue through promoting sponsored products in their virtual stores.

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Shopial allows online businesses to reach new customers in 1-click at scale from social networks.

~ Acquired by Magento


Avichay Nissenbaum

General Partner

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor with passion to products and technologies that make a real impact on our life, led by great people that have audacious plans and aspirations on a global scale.

Yaniv Golan

General Partner

I’ve been building software products that people use since 1989.

That’s long enough to make a lot of mistakes in many diverse fields – technological, managerial, organizational, inter-personal.

Hopefully I’ve also learned a lesson or two along the way.

Maya Azoulay

Investment Associate

Entrepreneur and Investment Professional.

At lool I lead the investment and portfolio management processes.

I’m passionate about making the impossible come to life, step by step, while having a significant positive impact on the world we live in.

Wei Cheng

Investment Associate

It is my habit to always choose the path less traveled by, which is where I find the most inspiring and awesome people.

I grew up immersed in Sci-Fi movies, and I love meeting people who can actually carry these visions out with clear goals and true grit, people who intent on creating something magnificent!

Ido Bar-on

Investment Associate
Intelligence Officer, Bar Manager, Product Owner.
I value creative solutions to real problems. I love seeing technology being harnessed to solve real business problems and love working with entrepreneurs to help them drive value.

Max Marine

Investment Analyst

I am passionate about learning, reading, writing, becoming a better communicator, thinking critically about ideas, applying my knowledge, and serving others.

I am grateful for loving parents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances, whose support and constructive criticism have shaped my ideals, values, desires, beliefs, and goals.

I love learning about markets, business models, competitive dynamics, and new technologies.

Tony Saigh

VP Value Creation

Scale up operator – early Skype director who led mobile growth and saw the business scale from 10m to 300m+ users worldwide.

I’m passionate about working alongside entrepreneurs in building and scaling disruptive technologies into category leading global businesses.

At lool, I work hands on with our portfolio to accelerate time to market and scale team, product and business to serve millions of customers globally.


Aleph VC

Congratulations to our friends at LawGeex – Noory, Ilan and the team – for the recent funding. Warm welcome to our friends at Aleph VC, who are joining us on this journey. LawGeex is now positioned better than ever to achieve its mission – helping companies achieve their business objectives by automating and scaling contract review using AI.

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Lool ScaleUp Series - Startup Recruitment, 6 March 2018

Watch video highlights of our startup recruitment masterclass in March. #loolscaleup

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Blueprint: Sexual Harassment Prevention best practice for the Israeli VC industry

Calling our friends in the Israeli VC industry. Let’s make sure entrepreneurs feel safe when engaging with us, regardless of their gender.

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Lightico: Why We Invested – Avichay Nissenbaum – Medium

Lightico joins the lool ventures family, with the mission of Improving customer experience by enabling call center reps to complete sales during a single phone call. Read on for more and why we invested.

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ScaleUp Series - Startup Recruitment March 2018

Check out photos from our March masterclass – startup Recruitment Strategy & Hacks. Stay tuned for our next masterclass – startup marketing on May 2nd. #loolscaleup, #loolventures.

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Welcome Tony Saigh to lool ventures! – looltalk – Medium

We’re excited to announce our newest team member Tony Saigh, who joins us as VP Value Creation! Learn more about Tony and what he’ll be working on at lool here: https://medium.com/looltalk/welcome-tony-saigh-to-lool-ventures-2d8e170913bc

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Farm Dog

Farm Dog, we’re very proud of you! …. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds commended both companies on their relationship. “I would like to congratulate Farm Dog and John Deere for being awarded the BIRD grant. This collaboration is a perfect synergy between Israeli innovation and Iowa software and manufacturing skills. Together, these two companies will lead farm production into the future.”

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New Year’s video to be screened in Times Square made by Israeli company

Wibbitz rocks 2018 as well!

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Photos from Lool ventures's post

Thrilled to host a packed room of incredible women and men from the תכנית Woman2Woman – עמותת בוגרי 8200 community here at Lool ventures for the “women, men and business” panel. Thank you, Merav Davidson Einav Aharoni-Yonas, Nir Lempert, Shahar Ziv, Hadar Aviel and the W2W’s team for your interesting and super important discussion.

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Talenya: Why We Invested – Avichay Nissenbaum – Medium

Welcome Talenya!

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אין לכם קשרים בתעשייה? כך תפנו למשקיעים שאתם לא מכירים

If you’re just about to raise money from VCs, you should definitely read the following article, written by our own Yaniv Golan for TheMarker Online

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The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science's Latest Report Names Medisafe as The Top Free & Publicly Available App for Medication Management

Enormously proud!!! Out of 310,000 Medical apps, Medisafe has been named the #1 for medication management #goMedisafe

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lool on the roof Nov.2017

So the winter is not here yet, but the photos from our *lool on the roof* party are! – Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us! Till next time #loolontheroof PC: Inbar Levi

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lool on the roof Nov.17

Getting ready for tonight #loolontheroof Yaniv Golan, Avichay Nissenbaum, Maya Azoulay, Wei Cheng, Ido Bar-On, Maximilian Marine, Eli Gold

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Enterprise software companies, you have a 0.1% chance of reaching $100M in 5 years, according to this report by OpenView. Plus, seven lessons for scaling startup in 2017 and beyond. Good reading!

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Automated video creation startup Wibbitz raises $20M

Congratulations to our friends at Wibbitz on the Series C funding, meant to further fuel the amazing growth they’ve been experiencing over the last 2 years. It is a true pleasure for us at Lool ventures to back the Wibbitz team from day 1 to this day, and to witness and support the creation of a beautiful product, delivering significant value, by entrepreneurs who are intent on building a great company, and at the same time intent on building a unique culture and a fun place to work at. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our friends at BDMI – Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, The Weather Channel, Associated Press and TF1 – good to have you with us on this journey! Zohar, Yotam and team – you rock. #GoWibbitz

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CEVA and Brodmann17 Partner to Deliver 20 Times more AI Performance for Edge Devices

EXCITING NEWS – CEVA and Brodmann17 Partner to Deliver 20 Times more AI Performance for Edge Devices. Check out Business Insider’s latest article. http://read.bi/2iq0aDW #Brodmann17

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Timeline Photos

The lool’s team is wishing you and your family a year full of love, health, happiness, and innovation! #shanatova #תשעח

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Photos from Lool ventures's post

We were thrilled to host the amazing Unistream – Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship’s alumni association here at Lool ventures.

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AI is Changing These Newsrooms: What It Means for Digital Publishing - MediaShift

“Is the growing adoption of AI products by digital publishers a much-needed lifeline for a struggling industry, or the next deadly threat to its survival?” Read more about Wibbitz contribution in changing the newsroom, and what it means for digital publishing at MediaShift’s latest article.

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