We created lool ventures so that we could help entrepreneurs grow companies @ internet speed.

“Lool” is a Hebrew word, and it stands for both Crib and Hatchery or Chicken Coop. In fact, we like to think of lool ventures as all of these combined – a hatchery where precious things are born and raised, a crib in which young ideas are nurtured and grown, and chicken coop because that’s what it sounds like when you put the combined energies of dozens of entrepreneurs in a single room.

Plus, if you write lool in lower case, it kinda looks like 1001, which is a subtle hint of just how much we love the digital way of life.

Lool is brand new. It’s different. Lool is about Israel and startups and web and media and people of all kinds, because that’s what it takes. Lool is about being entrepreneur friendly – not just because we’ve been entrepreneurs like you not so long ago and we know what’s like to be down there “in the trenches” – but also because we understand very clearly that it is the entrepreneurs, their ideas and passion that are the real drive of our industry.

Lool is about providing value to the entrepreneur – whatever value is needed in order to realize the potential of your idea. In most cases it’s capital, but more often than not there are many additional values that are just as crucial to your success. In the next posts we’ll introduce you to the amazing lool mentors team, our advisors, the best-in-class professional services network and the loolspace, which is the physical manifestation of our Chicken Coop metaphor.

Think we can make awesome happen together? Tell us: hello@lool.vc

Made in TLV

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